28 Web Design and Development Terms Every Client Should Know

Thinking of getting a new website made? But having trouble understanding what your web team is trying to communicate?

Understanding the lingo that comes with website design & development is crucial to avoid miscommunication between client and team. Here are the common terms that will prove quite beneficial while exchanging info between a client and a web team.

28 Terms to Help Clients and Web Team to Communicate Better

What is UI in Web Design: User Interface Design refers to the visual aesthetics and usability of a website.

What is UX in Web Design: User Experience refers to making the design a functional website. It includes usability testing and optimizing the website such as increasing site speed, security, and responsiveness of a website.

What is Sitemap: The foremost step in the process of designing, a sitemap is a blueprint file that displays the content division and hierarchy of navigation in between the pages.

What is Wireframe in Web Design: Created in the initial stage of design, a wireframe is a layout created to guide the flow and structured placing of content on a website, without any design elements.

What is Navigation in Website Design: To help a user find the relevant information between sections of a single web page or multiple web pages in an optimized manner.

What is Call-To-Action: Strategically placed buttons, text, and images to urge the user to take action. Designed to get the desired result out of a website, general examples of CTAs are Call Now, Raise an Enquiry, Fill the form, and Visit the Next Page, and so on. CTAs often help in generating leads and increasing the dwell time of the site.

What is CMS: Content Management System refers to user-friendly platforms that help the admin/owner of the website to log in on to the “back-end” and update changes such as text and images, without the need of technical knowledge of programming.

What is Plugin: Software add-ons, plugins are available in CMS that aid in adding certain features and extending functionalities to the website.

What is MVP in Web Design: Minimum viable product refers to a live website where people can visit a website to provide insight for further development.

What is Domain: The domain is a unique name that users type in the browser to reach your website. For example, our domain name is webforest.agency

What is Hosting Provider: The web servers where websites are stored, run, and managed refers to hosting providers. A web server is a computer that connects users to websites from absolutely anywhere in the world with the internet.

What is Site speed: The loading time of a page to load all of its contents is termed site speed. Generally, good websites should load between 1–2 seconds. 53% of users leave the page if site speed is beyond 3 seconds.

What is Page Template: Design created for pages of a website are templates. They contain content and elements arranged to deliver relevant information to the user.

What is Responsive Design: Responsive design refers to adjusting the capabilities of a website with respect to different screen sizes so that users do not have to resize or scroll for an optimal visual experience.

What is Slider in Web Design: It is used to display multiple information such as varied text and images in a “slide-show” format.

What is SEO: Search Engine Optimization is used to get pages of a website to rank higher on different search engines to attract more web traffic with the help of relevant data and keywords associated with the possible searches that users might make. This may be achieved by adding appropriate title tags, Meta tags, and ALT tags.

What is SERP: Abbreviation for Search Engine Result Pages, these pages turn up when a user searches a query on the Google search engine?

What is Accessibility: Website and its tools designed to make it accessible for disabled users as well. Many websites overlook this making it accessible to a smaller audience.

What is ALT Tags: Feature of an accessible website, alternative descriptive text is used to describe images for the users who cannot see the image, due to disability or slow loading of a page or any other reason that does not allow the user to view the images.


What is Meta Tag: These tags are used to give information about the contents of a web page to search engines to match the search queries. These tags are not displayed on the web page itself.

What is Landing Page: Specially created for ad and marketing campaigns, a landing page is a standalone web page that users are directed to after clicking on an ad or marketing campaign.

What is Bounce Rate: This is computed as the number of single-page visits by the number of total visitors. Bounce rate provides an insight into what percentage of website traffic is leaving the website without taking any action on the page they landed on.

What is Dwell Time: This is the measure of time when a user lands on a website by clicking on a SERP until they return to the SERP.

What is Conversion: Getting the user to take a desired action such as fill a form or make a purchase, subscribing to email marketing, or anything of the sort is considered a conversion.

What is Cookies: These refer to small text files used to enhance a user’s browsing experience. They assign unique IDs to the user’s computer and track visitors to the website, how often they visit, browsing preferences and what parts of the website attract the user more.

What is Caching: This is the process of storing temporary data to optimize site speed by storing relevant information on the device the first time a user visits a website to avoid reloading that information every time the user visits the same website. It is recommended to always clear cache to view small changes updated on the front-end of a website.

What is 404 Not Found: An error page that is displayed every time a user looks for a page on your website that does not exist. Usually, caused by a typing error or an attempt to access a page that has been deleted, 404 errors effectively communicate to the user why the page they are looking for does not exist.

What is 301 Redirect: As the name goes, it refers to permanent redirection of one URL to another, generally to redirect from an old page to a new one. Still, have a few doubts regarding certain project terms? Let us know in the comments below and we will surely help you out!

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